Jan 15, 2007

Lovin' the camera

At some point, she got tired of me dressing her up in outfits just to take pictures. That's probably best, since we don't want her to get a big head. (We did when she was born, actually, because her head was so small it was off the charts. It's average now.)

Jan 1, 2007

Hello there, 2007!

John and I paid an obscene amount of money for a babysitter so we could go out on New Year's Eve for the first time since we stopped hosting the parties and started wishing each other a weak "Happy New Year" as we fell into bed at 9:00. It was worth EVERY PENNY.

I'm loving Julie, Grace's godmother, for getting us invited to this fun party. I'm just a little bitter that she won't be getting up at six the next morning.

John has a go at the Wii. Yup, his eyes were really that glassy.