Apr 14, 2007

Shower of awesomeness

Grace's godmother, Julie, got married this summer. We had a bridal shower at the new house to, you know, break it in.

Also, I'm quite fond of her.

Julie and I chose a ginger cosmopolitan we dubbed the "Till Death Do You Partini." I think most of us were buzzed within half an hour.

I finally got to meet some of Julie's friends I've heard about for years...

...and spend some time with my girls...

...and Todd.

Only problem was, it was so hard to tell if Julie was enjoying herself.

Apr 3, 2007

Why have you been keeping this from me?

When we bring in the mail, the catalogs go directly to the recycling bin. Really. But somehow this one slipped through, and the look on her face is probably a lot like mine when I walk into a bookstore. Total overload.