Jun 12, 2007

San Diego totally rocks, dude!

Grace actually stood up and danced for the mariachi.

Ah, yes, THIS is the life. I really needed a vacation!

Grace would have been perfectly happy to play with her cousin Eddy the entire trip. He was incredibly patient, but already has a girlfriend.

Aunt Terry was a big hit, too. She has a little experience with kids, I think.

Some guy offered to shoot the whole gang. (With the camera.) People are so NICE here! Maybe because the weather is perfect EVERY SINGLE DAY. Tina, being a local, knows this and is smart enough to wear sunglasses.

Last day. Compare this one to... (see below)

...this one! That's my mom and me on my second birthday. Note the orange gingham dress. Sadly, I didn't have a matching outfit for the recent picture, since I don't sew Grace's clothes, or mine.

Jun 2, 2007

Jun 1, 2007

Can someone bring me a latte?

Grace got her first real haircut (other than bang trims) and stood there looking like a supermodel who was SO bored by having to go through hair and makeup every day.