Dec 30, 2007

Ho Ho HO!

Oy, the holidays. Let's try to catch up...

Holiday card 2007. It wasn't as difficult as it looks.

My parents' main dog, Max, loves Grace, but she was a bit rough with him this year. He's a senior, and I can't believe what he put up with from her.

The emergency backup dogs, Tootsie and Tessie, make Grace giggle. As does Gabba, with whom she would prefer to live.

There is a special place in Grace's heart for Tessie. And in doggie heaven.

The poor cat will be subjected to the stink of Grace AND Brady on his tree, as if having the dog around wasn't torture enough.

All I want for Christmas is this friggin' BOW off my head!

He might me old, but he's a good sport. I LOVE Max. Seriously.

They're ALL FOR ME, right?

When we got home, we couldn't wait to open Grace's packages from out of town family and friends, but once she'd figured out the drill at Gabba and Gampa's, she wouldn't let me near them -- because they were hers. We eventually worked it out, mostly because I'm bigger than she is. Note the empty envelope, the first thing we opened (from Aunt Terry, thanks!). She didn't even want me touching that.

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