Dec 14, 2007

No picture. I think you'll understand why.

Grace and I were stocking up on household products at Target the other day, and once she finished her snack trap of dried cherries and threw her sippy cup on the floor so many times I confiscated it, she became bored. So she began amusing herself by sticking her hand down her throat until she gagged. Then she'd laugh at my expression of disgust and do it again. After a while I gave up trying to stop her and pretended to ignore her. The drooling should have warned me, but I was preoccupied with laundry detergent, and sure enough, she made herself vomit. Cherries. I just stood there asking her, "Are you kidding me?"

I understand the gagging thing is fun for kids and I needn't worry about bulimia, but is there no end to the ways she will embarrass us in public? Okay, I wasn't really embarrassed, but it was totally gross.

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Ayotte Family said...

Funnily enough Katherine spent the day gagging vomit though.