Dec 8, 2007

This one goes to eleven*

Yesterday I decided to count the number of times Grace fell. This may seem a little morbid, but one has to pass the time. Anyway, I was surprised that we weren't well into the twenties. Eleven? It seemed like she wasn't even trying. Grace is my mother's middle name, and we hoped it wouldn't end up being ironic, because I, John and both my parents are really clumsy (although in the last year or so I've ended up in the ER just twice). Turns out the gene is dominant, however. She falls, bumps into things, conks her head, splits her lip and oh yeah, falls.

*Bonus points if you get the Spinal Tap reference.


Joan (aka Gabba) said...

Oh contrare, but that looks like a wonderfully GRACEful fall! Kudos to GRACE Lily. Perhaps she will be a famous stunt person.

Anonymous said...

Er....these go to eleven! I haven't been here in too long and I'm concerned that someone left you a nasty wasty comment because of the "play nice" indicator up in the top left. Ah...blogging...where people solicit their 2 cents a little 2 freely.
Love to you and the graceful fruit of your loins,