Jan 25, 2008

Back in the plastic bubble, kiddo.

Cough? Check. Fever? Check. Lethargy? Check. Wait a minute -- lethargy? That's when I took her to the doctor, because the only times Grace is still are when she's sleeping or strapped into her high chair, eating. Poor little bug has pneumonia, but she's even tougher than I thought. She spent two days on the couch watching "Elmo's Potty Time" over and over, but after just a couple days on antibiotics, she's demanding to be taken to the park. (It's, like, 40°.)

I've slept on the floor with sick pets, in our barn when my horse was having her first foal and, of course, spent nights taking care of friends who had, uh, overindulged and thought it would be fun to run outside naked. (I'm not judging. More than a few friends have done the same for me.) But sleeping next to Grace Wednesday night to make sure she wasn't having "too much trouble breathing" (doctor's words) was truly terrifying.




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Julie said...

I'm so sorry that sweet Grace has been sick! I LOVE the progression of these pictures though. Even when ill, she is just so cute! I hope you guys are feeling better. xo