Jan 11, 2008

No picture. Almost no words.

I hope I can do this story justice, because it far and away tops the recent Target incident with Grace. One of my friends (let's call her Ms. X for the sake of anonymity) left her 3 year old son at the Playland while grocery shopping. The little boy ("J.") is in the process of potty training, and store policy is that the child must be able to communicate any bathroom needs so the mom can be called to tend to the situation. On this day, Ms. X received no call. When she went to fetch J., however, the Playland attendant informed her that J. had pooped his pants, but the TURD ROLLED OUT OF HIS PANT LEG ONTO THE FLOOR, where she was able to pick it up and dispose of it. Hence, no call. Just a lot of judgement, and, of course, embarrassment and guilt for poor Ms. X.

I will say this: I peed a little when she told me this story, and I have been potty trained for 37 years.


ellaayotte@msn.com said...

Now I keep thinking who do I know that has a 3 year old???

Ms. X said...

It must be said that we were in Playland again a few days ago, and when I came to pick up "j", HE informed me that he had pooped his pants and this same attendant, with much more understanding and grace this time, nodded and said it had just happened. And while no poo rolled out of his pants, we now must call this place "poopland" and I'm not sure he'll be allowed back...oh the joys of potty training...