Feb 22, 2008

Late night

A couple of months ago I spilled water all over my desk, and it ruined my keyboard. You think, "It's just water, it'll dry." But no, the keyboard was a goner. When I took it back to The Apple Store and mentioned the extended warrantee I'd purchased, Ducky (this was the nice young man who sold me my computer) said, "No problem--UNLESS YOU SPILLED SOMETHING ON IT." At this point, I might have just said, "No, it just stopped working." But I cannot lie, you see. Not unless I have had DAYS to come up with something plausible. So I hung my head and resigned myself to buying a new keyboard. BUT THEY DIDN'T SELL THAT KEYBOARD ANYMORE. They did, however, sell a more expensive version, which I would have been happy to purchase except that it was SILVER and didn't match my white iMac. (Seriously, what were they thinking?) Anyway, because I'm cute in a pathetic sort of way, the manager rummaged around in back and found some reject keyboard like my own and gave it to me — FREE. When I got it home I noticed the space bar was funky, and I discovered someone had popped it in upside down. Once I fixed that I was a happy camper. Lesson learned, right?

Tonight I spilled beer on my desk. I dove for the keyboard first, of course. I think it's okay. Guess how I'm celebrating? With a fresh beer. Cheers.

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