Feb 6, 2008

Monkey see, monkey do

Brady is on the job 24/7, making sure the family is safe and the security of the compound isn't breached. Someone coming to the door is an obvious code red, but she's also on the lookout for subtler threats. For instance, if a human being walks by, particularly with a dog, or -- the ultimate emergency -- a CAT ventures onto our front patio, Brady tears to the long vertical window by the front door, slams into the glass and barks like she's gone mental. Then, if a broader view is needed, she'll jump on the chair in front of the big window and continue her doggie alarm.

Now Grace mimics her, barking and all. I can't decide if this is really clever, or if I should have her evaluated. Either way, if I wanted two dogs barking, I'd have gotten another dog. I got Grace so I'd have someone to cuddle, and, eventually, to do chores.

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