Mar 13, 2008

Bye, little Tessie

My mom rescued this toy poodle. She'd been in a puppy mill and her vocal chords were cut. When my mom brought her home, her back legs were so underdeveloped she couldn't jump, her bark sounded like a whisper and she was a nervous wreck. Before long, she could jump on the couch, she adored Tootsie (the white toy poodle), she always had a lap to sit on and she was the happiest little pooch ever. I imagine she couldn't believe her luck. She was old, though, and yesterday she joined all the other family pets we've said good bye to over the years. I hope she's barking and running like crazy now.

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Pirate Alice said...

I'm sorry to hear about Tessie. I'm sure she had a wonderful life, and is very happy now with all the other pets who had a beautiful home with your family.