Mar 27, 2008

More waiting!

So it turns out my girlfriend Ella, here with daughter Nathalie (and preggers with Katherine, now 14 months), is moving back to Portland with her family. (I felt my excitement over this development might be best expressed through interpretive dance, which I attempted the other night in the parking lot of Meriwether's, but I don't think Ella, or hubby Nathan, were too impressed.) Anyway, of course it's MONTHS from now, which means one more thing to friggin' wait for look forward to. And then there's the question of what to do with Grace now that I have Ella back, since one has room for only so many bossy blondes in one's life. Plus, Ella knows all the rules of fashion and will shop patiently for shoes and handbags with me, whereas Grace is lacking in this department. But in all seriousness, yippee!

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