Mar 11, 2008

Move BACK!

More beach pics, courtesy of my mom.

Grace has picked up a few phrases at daycare that she uses inappropriately, and sometimes hilariously. When the waves came too close at the beach, she held out a hand and imperiously ordered, "Move back!" It didn't work much better than when she says it to me when I'm trying to brush her teeth or wipe her nose, but we laughed harder.

She's in her own little world sometimes, and other times she won't let us out of her sight. Here, she appears to be wondering who these people are who keep trying to interact with her.

Whenever we leave someplace fun (the playground, the beach, even daycare, we must go through the bye-bye ritual to avoid a meltdown.

She was ambivalent about leaving my parents. She cried when we loaded up the car and she thought we were abandoning her, and then she cried when she realized she was coming with us and had to say another heart-wrenching good bye to Gabba and Gampa. Oh, the DRAMA OF IT ALL.

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