Mar 23, 2008

Not even REMOTELY under control

We love visiting my parents for lots of reasons, not the least of which is their huge, park-like property that is COMPLETELY FENCED IN. This means we can shoo Grace and Brady outside and go take a nap. Sometimes we'd rather watch TV, but this is impossible because, even though Mom and Dad have a gigantic, fancy TV and some satellite situation that lets you watch anything, anytime, John and I can't figure out how to turn it on, change channels or adjust the volume. Somehow they've ended up with this crazy collection of remotes, and I swear each one performs a single function. The frustration is just too much. It's like having a book you've been dying to read, but you can't find your glasses, or a pint of Ben & Jerry's Go Phish and no spoon.

Over the holidays I tried to make their newest "universal" remote do its job, but there was always one component or another that wouldn't surrender. So my dad bought ANOTHER universal (the "Harmony" — I love that!) and was programming it with the TV muted. My mom, the cat, the main dog and the emergency backup dog all happened to be in the living room when Dad hit a button and the giant TV — with three big speakers and a sub-woofer — came roaring to life AT FULL VOLUME. My mother said every one of them became literally airborne. Oh, to have that moment on video! It would be better than all of my slip and falls put together.

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