Apr 8, 2008

Where did J. Po go?

One of my favorite people in the world was in town this weekend. Jon and his partner lived next door to our old house, and for a few blissful summers we both worked from home, meaning we usually ended up drinking wine on one of our patios by three o'clock. Then OUT OF NOWHERE Jon accepted a job in San Diego. He took me to a trendy restaurant to tell me he was leaving so I wouldn't make a scene. (Ella was long gone, and another couple down the street had recently split up and moved to new neighborhoods, so yes, I was beginning to think it had something to do with me.) I promised Jon I would stop using my key to their house for emergencies, like running out of wine or Diet Coke, but he insisted that wasn't it, and that NOT EVERYTHING WAS ABOUT ME. Please.

A few months after he left I was pregnant with Grace, so they've met only a couple of times. She fell in love with him this weekend, and quickly picked up his nickname, J. Po. Once he was gone, she kept asking, "Where'd J. Po go? Where's J. Po?" I took this opportunity to teach her an important life lesson: never get too attached to anyone, because eventually they will abandon you and break your heart into tiny little pieces.

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