Apr 9, 2008

While the dog's away, the cat will play.

Brady has a crew of buddies she goes to the dog park with every Wednesday afternoon, courtesy of Jodi at See Spot Run, easily the best dog walker ever. We also have a neighborhood cat, Floyd, who is so friendly, I'm not sure he knows he has claws or teeth. So while Brady was attempting to sniff and pee on every square inch of Normandale Park today, we let Floyd in out of the nasty weather. He went EVERYWHERE in the house. He even tried to rub against Grace, but although she'll walk up to a hundred pound Rottweiler and giggle, she was afraid of Floyd. Eventually he grew bored with us and sat staring at the front door until I let him out. He sauntered off without so much as a meow or a tail twitch of appreciation, and I'll admit I was a little put out by his sense of entitlement. Anyway, try to picture Brady coming home and running all over the house, nose to the floor, no wait -- the couch, no wait -- MY WATER BOWL?!? I thought her head would explode.

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