May 25, 2008

Brave little bugger

Most dogs are probably rattled by thunder, fireworks, gunfire and, of course, low-flying military jets. I was so happy when Dutchie was finally deaf enough to be oblivious on the Fourth of July, because she endured WAY more than her share of thunderstorms living in Chicago for eight years. Brady, however, is truly terrified of loud noises. I never knew a dog's tongue could hang so far out of their mouth or that their eyes could become so red. Last night we had a pretty bad thunderstorm, unusual for Portland, and Brady was a mess. But what breaks my heart and makes me love her so much, even though she eats cat poo and dead birds, is that she doesn't hide -- she becomes protective. One Fourth of July when I was about fourteen months pregnant, I stormed downstairs and out of the house to glare at some kids lighting firecrackers on our street, and Brady stuck to me like glue and tried to squeeze out the front door with me. Even though I was heading toward the noise, she would have gone with me. Last night, she positioned herself in front of Grace's bedroom door. How can I not just want to squeeze her until she pops?

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