May 24, 2008

Can we go to school today?

This is how upset Grace is NOT when I drop her at preschool. In this shot, I'm telling her I love her and trying to get her to acknowledge the fact that I'm leaving by saying, "Bye bye, Mommy" or at least looking at me. But she's clearly moved on, deeply engrossed in which spectacularly cool toy to play with first. I can't compete with this place. We don't have chickens; we don't have a collection of costumes from which to choose; we don't have an endless supply of baby dolls that she can undress and ask, "Are you poopy?" When I pick her up, she must be among the last to leave, and I try to enlist the help of another mom or dad with a child equally reluctant to abandon this paradise. We say something like, "Hey, Grace and Jack, why don't you hold hands and walk out together?" It's worked so far, but it's only a matter of time before she catches on. This morning, Saturday, the first thing she asked was, "Are we going to school today?"

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