May 22, 2008

I'm having a time out.

This morning Grace woke up around 6:00, babbled happily to her crib full of animals for about half an hour and then started calling for Mommy. I went into her room and said, "Hey, buttercup!" and leaned on the front of her crib. She looked at me and demanded, "I want macaroni!" I laughed and said, "For breakfast?" and she smacked me in the face with her ducky. I turned around, closed the door behind me and now I'm sitting here listening to her cry. If you have any suggestions on how to get my sweet little angel to stop hitting me in the face, please share. Because I DON'T LIKE IT.


Ayotte Family said...

Have another child, she will be too scared that you will replace her to hit you.

Annette said...

Hey ... can you blame her for not wanting to leave such a cool school .... looks like fun! Wish we had something around here like that for Edan .... I want to play there! haha