May 30, 2008

Our great outdoors

Today I did something I haven't done in years. I donned a bikini and laid in the sun. It was that beautiful out, and I am that stupid. Having a back yard again seems to be inducing all sorts of crazy behavior.

Here is Grace after I pointed out that she was possibly as smart as Brady, chewing on bark mulch. It wasn't my sarcasm that made her look this way; she laughed at me. It was just that once she took a bite, there it was in her mouth and what was she to do now?

Grace was so upset by how long it took to grill the burgers (eight minutes?) that she threw herself to the ground and feigned unconsciousness. John made the best burgers I've tasted in a while, but Gigi was spoiled by a Burgerville experience with a friend a while ago, and thought the best part of this meal was the mustard. Ugh.

Still, what a perfect Friday night.

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