May 17, 2008

So today happened. Feeling chatty.

The point of buying a "green" house, as I understand it, is to spend as much money as possible on a relatively small home, and to protect the environment in several ways: construction materials are renewable or recycled; alternative energy sources are used in the building process; the home is sealed up tight as a drum to conserve energy; and the place is virtually free of the dreaded VOCs (volatile organic compounds). I met the builder -- the man who actually built the house, as opposed to the developer, a job I'm pretty sure guarantees one an especially steamy place in hell -- and he assured me this was one of the tightest houses he had ever built. I could tell he took pride in his work; when I showed up unannounced he was sweeping the bamboo floors and cursing realtors for not taking their shoes off when they showed houses. He told me this was the first time he had met someone who would live in one of his homes, and he spent a while showing me the features that made this one exceptional. I loved him and wanted to give him a big hug of gratitude. So I ask you, HOW IS THIS TRAVESTY POSSIBLE? If I haven't mentioned it before, I hate ants in a way that makes me worry about my karma, causes me to ponder how many little ant lives I've taken and how I will pay for it in my next life. Maybe I'll come back as a developer during a real estate slump.

This one woke up at five this morning, which allowed me to see a spectacular sunrise from my bedroom window. But that friggin' sun just kept rising until it was mid-90s and, while not quite Chicago hot, it was still pretty miserable. You see, when you buy a green house and commit to "reducing your carbon footprint" (I have no idea what that means), you eschew air conditioning and feel superior to all those weaklings who value their own comfort more than the health of Mother Earth. I'm on the fence about this one. I can handle the heat, but Grace's and Brady's discomfort today made me wonder -- could a little AC do more damage than all the giant trucks crisscrossing the country so we can enjoy kiwi year-round? I'll do my bit, but it is SO TIME for the real threats to the environment to be acknowledged and addressed. Even if that means we can't have fresh pineapple in November.

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Joan (aka Gabba) said...

Oh, she's so cute, I could just eat her up!!! That looks like quite a pensive moment. Gabba