Jun 26, 2008


Grace and Julian have a strange relationship. When they're together, they don't particularly appear to enjoy each other's company, but they always ask about each other, and put them in a bed together and they sleep like all is right with their worlds and they are exactly where they belong. I'm not sure if it's a brother/sister thing or a potentially scorching romance, but either way, Julian is a gentle soul and Grace could clearly benefit from his influence. And he's a gifted musician, which is totally HOT (to her, not me).

"Seriously, my hand tastes SOOOOOOOOO good!"

"Dude, your hand? Who's yummier than I am?"

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Anonymous said...

she is totally yummy....and the relationship is a special!! Here's to many sunny yummy summer days to play!! mamaneeniebelle can't remember her password so I shall remain anonymous....