Jun 20, 2008

Crazy little monkey.

Pictures of Grace have been scarce lately, partly because she had bronchitis and felt like crap (not that her suffering has kept me from photographing her before) but mostly because she had pinkeye and looked sort of, well, high. And when she's healthy she's never still long enough for me to snap a shot. Last night she looked so cute in her jammies I decided we'd have a little photo session before bed. Not a good idea; she got so wound up she babbled incoherently to the animals in her crib for over an hour.

She loves her duck(s) more with each passing day, and now she knows there is a school ducky, a home ducky, a purse ducky (for public emergencies) and a "whisker ducky," the one with a thread hanging off his beak. Yesterday she requested a clean ducky. Cheeky monkey.

This is how I will remember her at this age -- a blur.

Bottoms up. She loves somersaults, but rarely considers where she'll end up.

What I would give for that hair. A few days in the sunshine and it looks like she just got highlights.

If you think she's tuckered out here, you are so, so wrong.

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