Jun 9, 2008

It's going to happen.

These are the exactly sixty rejections I have received from agents regarding my novel. I was going to spread them out on the floor or a wall for impact, but that seemed defeatist and doesn't reflect my state of mind. I'm proud of how hard I've worked to get rejected so many times. I wrote a book. That was the easy part. Then I figured out how to seek representation, which, it turns out, is much more difficult. But I haven't taken any shortcuts. I haven't let myself succumb to the humiliation of being so roundly and consistently turned down (much). I keep querying, and more important, I keep hoping.

I sputtered back to life yesterday after more than a week of being sick, and while I cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, scoured the bathroom and hung some blinds, I couldn't shake the feeling that something good is going to happen soon with my novel. I'm putting it out there, and I hope you'll join me in my (uncharacteristic) optimism. If you're willing, perform whatever personal ritual you do to help a friend: say a prayer, light a candle, talk to the spirit, raise a toast or just send positive thoughts my way (and toward New York). Or go to your local bookstore and ask if they have Soft Landing by Laurel... SOMEONE... in stock, and have all your friends do the same. (I learned in business school they call this "pull through" vs. "push through" marketing. WHY DO I REMEMBER THAT?) Even a supportive comment here will get you an autographed copy. That's what a good mood I'm in.


Joan (aka Gabba) said...

It WILL happen. I feel it in my old bones. Keep the faith. Patience is a virtue. And all that stuff. I feel lots of good vibes floating around out there. Love you, Mom

mama neeniebelle said...

thatta girl...love the positive energy flow....if you build it, they will come! I am also certain it WILL happen....cheers lady...glad you are feeling better too!