Jun 21, 2008

Ready for doggie rehab.

She looks so happy, you'd never guess she's an addict, but that's how it goes with addiction, right? We don't know what the first six or seven years of her life were like, but I suspect at some point she had to fend for herself, because she will eat ANYTHING THAT FITS IN HER MOUTH. Favorites: poo, dead animals, mulch, grass, crayons, seashells, and (turn away if you're easily grossed out), used tissues and tampons from the garbage. (That last one she does when she's feeling neglected or is sequestered in a room. You know, she's acting out.) My father calls her a junkyard dog.

There are other idiosyncrasies, of course, which is why she was on sale at the Humane Society for just $35. She's an escape artist. She went through several screens with previous owners, and she can jump a five-foot fence. She's obsessed with UPS trucks and can distinguish one from a FedEx truck from blocks away. She's not after the UPS man; she just wants to get in the truck and sniff the boxes, which she has now managed to do twice.

If a complete stranger comes into our house and sits down, she will immediately make herself at home on his/her lap, and at 45+ pounds, that seems a bit presumptuous. She loves beer and chocolate and will climb all over me trying to help herself to either.

She is ever vigilant and must position herself so that she is facing the door -- any door -- at all times. When I was pregnant, before I was showing, she became extremely protective of me at the dog park, squeezing between me and any dog that came too close. Oy, the DOG PARK. She must sniff and pee on the entire perimeter before playing with the other dogs. She is not a fighter, but now and then she'll find a dog inexplicably annoying and bark, bump, and bully it until I have to take her home. She won't be humped -- she just sits down. And when there's a fight or things get a little too heated, she barks and tries to break it up like she's the self-appointed dog park police.

Anyway, we love Brady like crazy but are considering staging an intervention around the whole scavenging thing. (Ohmigod, have you seen the show, "Intervention," on A&E? It's totally addictive.)

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Dana Cuellar said...

Laurel. I am convinced my dog was owned by Chinese people. Jude doesn't seem to understand one word of English. Dogs...