Jul 9, 2008

Behaving badly on the Fourth.

Our friend Kent (Grace's godfather) and his better half, Carrie, were in town for the Fourth of July weekend. I know we had a great time; I wish I could remember more of it. A few pics and a video.

Grace dressed for the occasion in an outfit Kent bought for her. Just wearing this made her act like a rock star, I swear.

Carrie puts the finishing touches on a platter of guacamole. Grace loved her so much, she had be right next to her at all times or she would ask, "Where's Perry?" Wait, maybe that was me.

The little celebrity emerging from her ride.

We're confident Kent is committed to guiding Grace on her spiritual path through life, when the time comes. Right now, all he really needs is upper body strength and a little more stamina.

There just no getting around it -- saying goodbye sucks.

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