Jul 28, 2008

Two hours of barely controlled chaos. Barely.

Grace's birthday party was Saturday afternoon, and she had such a blast surrounded by all the people she loves, I think I popped out a tear or two. We "borrowed" the pirate theme from Jake's party a few weeks ago, and Grace greeted her guests in a black pirate T-shirt, a pink tutu and black crocs. (No, I didn't get a picture of that ensemble, but I'll recreate it soon.) What a fun night for our three year old baby.

Grace refused to get dressed after playing in the kiddie pool, which vexed me because her main outfit was so fabulous, I envisioned her wearing it in all the photos. Plus, I thought she'd be cold. She looks miserable, doesn't she?

We ended up with a really great mix -- kids of all ages who played together beautifully. No arguing, no awkwardness and, most important, no bleeding.

The adults were a different story, but just one was asked to leave.

How cute is Jack, opening the door for Emerson? He just wants her to get out so he can ride in the car, but still.

Picked up this baby (the pool) for ten bucks at Walgreen's. (Jack and Grace are quite the couple at school, I've been told. We approve, mostly because of that irresistible grin and his British accent.)

Got this cake for a lot more than ten bucks at a local bakery. It was delicious, and we're still working on the head.

This doll was the clear favorite of a truly impressive haul. Everyone might as well have left once Grace opened it, because all she wanted was to be alone with "New Bath Baby" for the rest of the night. She managed to tear herself away to give good-bye kisses; she's a big girl now, after all.


Pirate Alice said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!!

Where's Domo? said...

I'd like to invite you to participate in my quest for a home. Hope to see you at my blog!

Brave Domo

Annette said...

Happy Birthday Grace! Your cousin Edan would have LOVED to be at your birthday party .. he dresses up as a pirate every day so he would have fit in well! Glad you enjoyed yourself ....

Love, Aunt Annette