Sep 11, 2008

Can it be this easy?

John and I have been trying to come up with a scenario where Grace and I can stay in this house for a while, since we just moved in April and it's her third house in three years. Plus, she's always running around exclaiming, "I LIKE this house!" So I've been looking for a roommate and a part-time job to cover the mortgage. I got the requisite Nigerian scammer, which I had fun with for a little while. Here is an actual excerpt from his/her last email, even after I made it clear I wasn't a complete moron and would not deposit a check under any circumstances:

How are you today? Am glad everything works fine..I really look forward to meet you. everything has regards the payment is all set so, you will be getting the fund soon and as a matter of fact my boss has decided to send payment for 2months at once so that i wont have to bother him to cut check for rent every month and i wouldn't want a situation where there will be delay from my part in paying the rent and pls note that the payment will beinform cashiers check or money orders so that it might be easier for you to cashat your bank.But pls before the payment comes,there is an issue i willlike to clarify with you........the truth is that the amount my boss will send iswill be in excess for the amount due for the 2 months rent reason been that my boss assumed i will live in a hotel for 2 months when i arrive US andas> such the amount he budgeted for my rent is more than what you are willing to rent to me.I really want to seize this opportunity to save money,in this sense i hope you will be helpful enough suchthat when you get the money my boss send you will deduct the 2 months rent from the total money and refund the rest to me by western union money transfer so that i can use it to take care of my traveling/miscellaneous expenses beforei leave for US,can i trust you to do this for me?this will definitely be the beginning of good relationship with you,i wish to let you know that my bosswill takecare of another payment before the end of the first months.I will waitto read from you real soon.
Best Regards,

After I pissed myself laughing, I added "LOCALS ONLY" to my craigslist post, and out pops this woman who has just moved here from Minnesota, and the first thing she does when she gets here is start looking for a naturopath for her and her dog. How can I not love her immediately? When I mentioned my hopes to become a member of the Columbia Ecovillage in six months or so, we ended up talking for over half an hour about how cool Portland is and how she'd be really into that kind of living, too. She's coming over tomorrow to see the place, and she'll probably rob me blind at gunpoint (Grace won't be here), but what if she's legit? Also, I got a couple nibbles on the ring, and a database project with, of all things, Imbibe Magazine. Once again, I've found my people. I hope.

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