Sep 25, 2008

Job opening: Boss of Me

Buy or rent? East side or west side? North or south? Style or sustainability? Work part-time or full-time? Stick with programming or go back to accounting? Keep writing or give up the dream? What to have for dinner? Half full or half empty?

That last one's easy, having spent the better part of yesterday with my friend whose mom died, shopping with her girls for funeral dresses. No matter how big a dump the universe seems to have taken on me, my parents are alive, healthy (knock on wood) and still speaking to me. But decision making is NOT something at which I excel, unless it's someone else's life I'm dealing with. So I'm looking for someone to tell me where the hell to go with my future, and Grace's. (I've tried getting her opinion on a number of issues, but she usually looks at me and asks, "Are you a boy?") This is a part-time, temporary position, and the ideal candidate should have working knowledge of real estate, Portland school districts, child development, the job market and personal finance. Experience in divorce, nutrition and the publishing industry a huge plus. The ability to think on your feet and maintain a sense of humor under stressful circumstances are essential, and it would help to be acquainted with me well enough to know I'm stubborn, argumentative and don't like to be told what to do. Telecommuting okay. Compensation package: the satisfaction that comes from helping your fellow human being, a big karmic boost and a 100% guarantee that I would do the same for you some day.

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Ayotte Family said...

Nice, I thought I was already doing that job but I guess you are looking elsewhere! Or maybe a sub.