Sep 14, 2008

Of course it's not that easy.

Exhibit A: Friday I met the prospective roommate (and her dog, Boo), loved her (and Brady loved Boo), and we planned for her to come back the following day to meet Grace and John. Then something happened that I never even considered: she called and bailed and said she was keeping her options open and she'd get back to me. So I guess I'll wait.

Exhibit B: Lots of nibbles on the ring, but no buyers. I can't part with it so quickly for under a certain amount. So I'll wait.

Exhibit C: I applied for a dream job for which I am perfectly qualified, maybe overqualified, and have heard nothing. Also the programming gig with Imbibe Magazine hasn't yet materialized. So I'll wait.

Exhibit D: Grace and I visited the site of the Columbia Ecovillage today for a tour of the condos (under construction), the farmhouse and the grounds. I anticipated lush, tidy gardens and eco-friendly homes. It was messy everywhere, and the condos will have ELECTRIC HEAT AND STOVES. The two bedroom unit I had my eye on was tiny, and will be carpeted. Thirty-seven households will share THREE washers and dryers in a communal laundry area. But Grace ran around under canopies of towering sunflowers, squealing with delight, picking sweet strawberries, huge blackberries and juicy grapes. Oh, the grapes. I had to drag her away from them, and the entire way home she cried, "I want more grapes! I want more grapes! I WANT MORE GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPES!" I'm torn. I'll think about it, and I'll wait.

Exhibit E: I go back to the doctor Wednesday to figure out why I haven't yet fully recovered from my tussle with food poisoning. I imagine there will be tests involved. And I'll fucking wait.

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