Oct 7, 2008

Barking for Barack!

This is how Brady waits patiently while I prepare her dinner every evening (unlike Grace, who wants to see, smell and touch everything). Now imagine her in an "Obama/Biden" T-shirt. She agrees with Jeffrey Toobin (is he the one who said this?) that the format and moderating of tonight's presidential debate kind of sucked, but believes that Senator Obama was taller, better-looking and has a much more pleasing voice. She'd need to sniff his crotch to be sure he has the cajones to handle THE THREE A.M. CALL, but I'm pretty sure if he sat down on our couch, she would make herself comfortable on his lap. I know I would. Oh, and all that stuff he said about health care and the economy — she's totally down with his vision. I asked Grace how she thought the debate was going, and she said, "I don't LIKE ham!" and peeled it off her sandwich.

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