Oct 22, 2008

Someone to watch over me.

This shot of Brady pretty much captures my mood today: kinda forlorn but hopeful, in need of a hug, tail at half mast, down but definitely not out. I've noticed that when Brady and Boo lie together, they always position themselves butt-to-butt. That's a pretty trusting behavior for dogs, I think; it's as if they're looking out for each other. I'll always believe that it's better to be alone than to be with someone and be lonely, but I don't really want to be alone, either. Maybe that's what all my recent blogginess has been about — when something happens to me, I don't feel I've fully experienced it until I've shared it with someone. But it has to be with someone who cares. I crave that feeling right now. I'm not yet alone and not particularly lonely, but I imagine how beautiful it must be to have one person in your life whom you can trust to care about you and watch out for you. I don't need a man to put me on a pedestal or put my needs before his own, but I long for the security that comes with knowing that someone's got my back. One person, always. How could I ask for more? I suppose integrity is crucial. Intelligence and a sense of humor would be nice. And if he happened to look like George Clooney...

Of course, let's not forget that crazy something two people do when they're feeling especially fond of each other. Maybe I'm reading too much into the dogs' body language. Maybe Brady just likes to rub her butt against Boo's balls. And who can blame him for not resisting? She's a hottie, even at four times his age.

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Heidi said...

This just so says it. You want to be able to "BE" with someone and simply find joy in that "BEING" together, that it is enough and it is also everything. I so understand where you are coming from. I want you to know I am right there with you in the search and thought process you are going through. You put it all so very much more succintly and beautifully than I ever could and I am getting so much out of your writing. You have such a gift for touching hearts and lives through your expression, and it is wonderful to check up on your progress. Say hi to my cuz Ed and Uncle Joe and Aunt Joan - and my first cousin-once-removed - Grace!! Have a restful weekend and good luck with the new job. It was so great to see you in Portland in Sept.