Nov 6, 2008

From chaos, order.

This last week has brought so many changes, personally, locally, nationally and globally. It's no big secret that the election results please me, to put it mildly. Over a year ago, I remarked to a friend that if the Democratic party had its shit together, they would find a moderate liberal, someone inoffensive with whom those crazy swing voters couldn't possibly find fault, someone who simply offered an alternative to the eight-year nightmare we'd been through. I was positive America wasn't ready for a woman or a black man as President. I'm so happy to have been wrong. And while I couldn't be more cynical about politicians, listening to Barack Obama inspires hope, respect, awe and never fails to give me goose bumps. He is a great man, and I hope his potential isn't derailed by partisan bullshit, because he could be a great President.

The vibe in Portland is palpable. Strangely, yesterday reminded me of the day after 9/11; there was a sense of unity and patriotism, yet fear was replaced by hope; grief and anger by joy and excitement. While the country remains deeply divided (my boss is a Republican, and I think he believes all Democrats are stupid), the suspicions, accusations and furor that lingered after the last two elections are conspicuous in their absence, which makes me hope that McCain supporters are disappointed but not outraged, and that there is a chance for real change in the dynamic between parties. Also, I can't help but note one possible interpretation of this campaign: ageism trumped sexism and racism. That seems fair; we all get old.

More later. Gotta go to work!

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cougchick said...

Hey Bitch. Nothing changes in over twenty years. I, too, am pleased with the outcome which isn't a popular thing living in Podunkville.

Anyway. 3 sentences in and the old Laurie that I know and love is right there staring me in the face. I am soooo excited to talk to you. I have a blog too. it started out as a blog to share with those ALSO adopting from China until the Hubs put the kibosh on that idea so now it's just my general blather that nobody cares about. It'a private so email me and I'll send you an invite. When I found out some idiot from Mt Carmel was reading it, I went private. Too close for comfort...