Feb 10, 2009

It's not contagious.

Unlike every other affliction this season, divorce cannot, by any form of contact, be spread from one couple to another. While my good friends understand this, I've noticed a strange phenomenon among those I consider fringe friends. They seem to avoid me, as if my change in marital status has caused them to wonder if they ever really knew me. Maybe they feel awkward inviting a single to socialize with a bunch of couples. Or there's always the possibility that my married girlfriends who don't know me well are afraid I'm suddenly ON THE PROWL and will go after their men. (This could not be further from the truth, but I've gotten the evil eye at parties from more than one woman whose husband is talking to me.) Since they were never close friends, I'm not losing sleep over it, but I suppose my wittle feelings are hurt. Poor me.


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Girlbert said...

Omigosh, do I ever know where you're coming from here. I haven't started writing about it on my blog (I've got other things going on, I suppose!), but I am floored at the number of friends I've lost over my divorce. It's deflating, even when you KNOW that it's their own problems that are causing whatever discomfort or shift that is driving them away. I know I'm commenting on this post many months since you published it, but I feel you, sister. Thanks for sharing!