Apr 14, 2009

Home sweet home.

The house we're renting is the first I've lived in with any curb appeal. It may be tiny on the inside, but we have a huge front porch, a big brick patio in the back, and a fully fenced yard (front and back) so that Brady can reach top speed running all the way around the house. I suspect we'll be spending most of the summer outside.

Grace loves it out here until she sees a bug; then she runs screaming into the house.

Michael decided to give the beard a shot until he realized how gray it is. It's gone now.

This one's for you, Stinsons. Remember door shopping? I finally got one of these do-hickeys.

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Pirate Alice said...

I really miss having somewhere to sit outside and just enjoy being outdoors. Have a day outside in honor of me OK?