Apr 29, 2009

No one to blame but myself. And everyone else.

Bright and early this morning I received 25 copies of the final version of my novel, the version I approved for expanded distribution worldwide. I had received a proof a week or so ago and made a few minor corrections, including adding a necessary blank page to the title pages. Unfortunately, that threw the entire book out of whack, causing every chapter to begin on the left-hand page instead of on the right. (This is not good.) I was in a hurry to get on with the book promotion so I could sell lots of books and, you know, abandon this pesky business of looking for a real job. A costly mistake, it turns out, unless someone would like to host a "discounted misprint signing party" so I can recoup my losses and maintain a sense of humor about what happens when the meds start gaining on the OCD streak in me.

Which brings me to my current downward mood swing, which I attribute largely to lackluster sales. Despite all the positive feedback I've gotten from readers and my tireless efforts at self-promotion, I would be embarrassed to admit how few books have actually sold. I knew this would be a slow, frustrating process, but OH MY GOD. So in order for me to sleep tonight and be able to get up and look myself in the mirror tomorrow morning, I feel the need to place blame where blame is due. I don't mean to be indelicate and I certainly don't want anyone to take this the wrong way, but you people disappoint me. I give and I give, right? I entertain, free of charge, by sharing the gory details of my soap opera of a life. And so I beg you, for the love of God, quit reading my blog and go convince someone to buy my book. Consider it your good deed for the day.


Pirate Alice said...

I was pushing your book on twitter. I even told people if they don't like it, they can beat me with it (this was without having even held a copy to determine the weight of the book). I will continue to push the book on twitter this way for you, now that I have my very own copy, knowing this book can do some damage to me.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance. I think you need to change the line in your last entry to "I take and I take and it's all about me."

MICHAEL said...

I thought this was funny; what's with the comment from anonymous? Either they are a twit or have a weird (or no) sense of humour.

Wonder who it is...hmmm.

Great stuff...great book!!!

Tori said...

Have you thought about putting it up at New Seasons? They have a program where you can stock your title in the store and have the option to stock it yourself or have them do it.

Also, there is a free program via Google that will allow your book to appear when someone searches something that matches your books content.

You can sell it on Amazon.com and Etsy. There are a lot of options for people that are self-promoting a title.

Take a trip to Looking Glass Books in Sellwood (next to Grand Central Bakery) and see if they'll carry it. Ask your friends to request it be carried at the Library; enough requests and it'll end up at multiple locations.