May 23, 2009

Back to work.

No, I haven't gotten a job, but author Cheryl Strayed quoted an L.A. Times essay on facebook, which made me realize it's time to dust off the laptop and get back to writing. The quote? "Failure is commonplace in the career of a writer, and a second novel is the beginning of a writer's career." That sounds about right. I love Soft Landing, but that second novel isn't going to write itself while I sit around wringing my hands about disappointing sales. I can keep loving my first baby while nurturing my second. I need to get back to that creative place where I find myself totally absorbed turning ideas into beautiful words. That's when I'm happiest.

If Soft Landing finds an audience, fantastic. But I've pushed so hard, for so much longer than it took me to write the book. I want to remember the writing, which was such a joy, instead of the selling, which has left me feeling empty. The positive feedback I've gotten has meant so much to me, but it doesn't bring the same satisfaction as finishing a sentence, a paragraph, a chapter. So on to child number two, and that crazy balancing act that comes with writing, parenting, working (one hopes) and just living.


mama neeniebelle said...

well, I have been anxious to see where Mommune goes so I am excited for you that you are picking it up again. You go girl!!

cougchick said...

LOVED the book, Laurie. I'm passing it around to my parents now. My son wanted to read it but I'm pretty sure it's not gonna work out for him...LOL. He's 13.
Digging the Detectives names. Brings back memories of Mandy's old beater driving around, singing, and drinkin.
BTW, spotted a typo on page 140. thought you should know. Missing a word, if I remember. I'm doing good to remember the page number.
Can't wait for Baby #2.
Anyhoo, YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!!!