May 14, 2009

Still, with the bad dreams.

I thought maybe if I shared my kooky nightmares, they would go away, or at least calm down a bit. Instead, last night's dreams incorporated plane crashes and insects into the general confusion of high school. I'm hoping a day spent working in the garden will clear my nocturnal head, but Mr. B., if you're still out there and feeling wise, TELL ME WHAT I'M DOING WRONG. Don't worry — no one else seems to hesitate with their opinions.

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mama neeniebelle said...

Ummm, did you watch LOST? Because that might be a little easier of an explanation for the dreams this time there was an ad for a movie that involved insects too during that viewing...otherwise, gardening has lots of bugs too! Sometimes dreams are just a bunch of the gunk we experienced that day or night before bedtime too. Bugs in dreams are really scary for me too!