Jun 12, 2009


We've spent a lot of time outside lately, enjoying the weather and exploring our new yard. We've tried to be patient, rather than tearing out anything that looks like a weed or that we can't identify, and we've been rewarded with surprises that just keep coming. (We've added touches of our own.) It's such fun to see the beauty unfold through Grace's eyes.

I'm not a big rhody fan, but these were pretty spectacular (made more so by Michael deadheading them, which is a pain).

We have two bushes, one on either side of the front gate, and we had no idea they would bloom so beautifully!

Potential. You should see them now.

It's hard to resist blossoms like these; I wish they lasted longer.

Our hummingbird magnet, right outside the kitchen window.

This is one of my favorite plants, golden euonymous, and I will plant it wherever I live, for it's burst of color and indestructibility.

We thought the violas were goners, but they're thriving.

We waited too long to get the alyssum in the ground, and it's still touch and go. They, and the lobelia, would stand a much better chance if Brady would quit stomping all over them.

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