Jun 27, 2009

Not surprising, but extremely disturbing.

A facebook friend shared this, and I thought I'd pass it along so you could feel as furious about it as I do. I'm a giver.


Girlbert said...

Thanks for sharing this.

As horrifying as this is, be thankful for the internet or these injustices would remain hidden from the Average Joe. Of course this is outrageous, but how often do you think it happens, if this video is showing up on YouTube how many years later?

I just watched The Beautiful Truth, highly recommended, as it goes into this very type of thing, government coverups with regards to our diet and health care. I see the can of worms continuing to open...

St said...

WOW. I'm also left wondering how often this happens and we don't hear about it. Horrifying. After I watched I found this list of rBGH free products by state. http://www.sustainabletable.org/shop/dairymap/