Sep 28, 2009

Progress, not perfection.

I came across a list I made while on a road trip early this year (January, maybe?). Once I stopped laughing, I realized it was a pretty ambitious list. While my success rate is hovering around 40%, I haven't given up just yet.

- finalize divorce
- sell house
- find new home
- publish novel
- find job
- finish second novel
- find Mr. Right Mr. Maybe
- plant edible garden
- say "I love you" more often

I look back on this and can't help but notice how goal-oriented I was. Yes, list making is about setting goals, but this particular collection is a doozy, and sort of, well, punishing in it's focus on BIG CHANGES. Now, I would add a few items related to physical health and well-being (thank you, car accident). I would include more truly important, life-affirming changes: spending more time with the people I care about; making time for fun; recognizing the support and generosity from friends and family; and appreciating the good in my life rather than dwelling on the challenges. Things may get worse before they get better, but the point is that THEY WILL GET BETTER. Right?


stephen said...

considering what is on your list, 40% success is pretty damned good.....and I am sure its not just according to my perspective of success/acheivement! Oh well, thats my 2 cents!

Girlbert said...

That is a pretty damn good list, and a 40% success rate is AMAZING!

I'm quite list-y myself, so I can completely relate to coming back to a list (much) later and having a good laugh. But never mind, it's just an opportunity to keep reassessing your priorities, keep your goals in mind, keep track, and ultimately create new lists. That's the stuff of life - everything changes, are you going to change with it?