Sep 11, 2009

School? Fall? What?

Fall is my favorite season, but this year it snuck up on me and screamed, "BOOGABOOGABOOGA!" in my ear. What happened to summer? I feel a bit cheated, not having spent the last several months having HAPPY! SUMMER! FUN! Instead I was focused on finding a job, recuperating from my accident, legal disputes, blah blah blah. The initial pleasures I found in yard work, trips to the park with Grace, writing, barbecuing and eating outdoors were derailed suddenly by a body and mind that simply couldn't do any of those things. So I'm pissed, both on my behalf, and because Grace got the short end of the summer stick, along with a cranky mommy.

On a positive note, fall is the season that feels (to me) most loaded with the potential for change — positive change. And if there's one thing we could use around here at the asylum, it's positive change. My accident took a big toll on my health, physically and mentally, and until now I've been content to let my medical team deal with the whole mess (while following doctors' orders, natch). But I'm realizing that I need to take a more proactive approach to regaining my health, if only because I can't go on wondering if I'll be able to function tomorrow, or the day after that. Grace deserves more than that, and so do my friends and family. (I do, too, of course.)

Today I spoke with my lovely chiropractor (see "Asula" ad in sidebar), and we agreed that a more aggressive approach is my only hope of feeling like my old self again. I've watched friends go through this for years, and I've toyed with it myself, but always resisted fully committing to such a drastic change. But I've been inspired by friends and, more recently, by my favorite fellow blogger, Girlbert, who has a much larger mountain to climb and an amazingly positive attitude about conquering it (or, more accurately, working in harmony with it). It just feels like it's time.

A gluten-free diet isn't that much of a stretch for me, since I really do love all of the foods I am allowed to eat, and don't ordinarily indulge much in sugary snacks or processed foods. I will desperately miss a few things: yummy bread and crackers, cheese, wine, pasta, seasonal fruits, and did I mention CHEESE? Also, I'm not going to be militant to the point of making myself so crazy that if I have a glass of wine at dinner, I will then fall off the wagon altogether. In my fantasy world, I'll just remind myself that, yes, this is a bad choice I'm making and I will suffer the consequences. Over time, I hope that the results will be motivation enough to do the best I can without feeling too deprived.

This little bit of nasty is Candida. (I searched for an image that would look pretty on my blog.) It is, however, the enemy, and I will not hesitate to kick its ass. I've heard so many testimonials from friends who I trust, I believe it's worth the effort for me to give it a chance. Can you imagine how tickled I will be if eliminating a surplus of yeast makes me feel better? At the very least, it will force me to stop scarfing down what's convenient, and take a more thoughtful approach to eating. I'd like to be a positive role model for Grace when it comes to nutrition, and eating her leftovers is clearly not the way to go about it. Wish me luck; I'll keep you posted, whether you like it or not.


Girlbert said...

We all have our mountains. It's all a matter of perspective - if your mountain is sitting on our head, yelling, "Say Uncle!," it's the biggest thing you or anybody has ever had to overcome. But you'll get through it. I"m already seeing so much growth in both of us, and as my marvelous shaman said, "focus on the growth, not the setbacks." These words would have been useful to myself just a few hours ago...

I am sooooo proud of you! I too have battled the nasty that is candida, and it's TOUGH - you're going to feel AMAZING! Keep me posted. Die off can be ugly, so if you need a little push, don't hesitate.

And you sound just like me, looking for an image that would look good on your blog (how dorky are we?), but I like the ass-kicking part. My healer once referred to my tuber as it's own candy-coated universe inside my head, and I said, "that sounds much too pretty. I'm picturing cat-poop." So now I picture little brain tumors in the litter box! ;-)

I can't wait to hear how you come out the other end. I'm holding your hand, girl-crush and all, via cyberspace.


Scott Williams said...

In my research for my iPhone application I've run across several Washington State Wineries that claim their wines are gluten free... especially those that produce meade wines. I'll dig back into it and point you in their directions if you would like? Most likely it will mean no cheap

I too have just decided that I need to make some drastic changes with regards to my health, and also the way I eat. Some of my past and current habits are most likely killing me literally.

I have no doubt you will "kick it's ass" - good luck my friend.