Dec 3, 2009

Done deal.

Monday marked the last chapter — the epilogue, reallly — in our seven-month real estate drama. We closed November 10. The idiot neighbors didn't even realize we'd sold the house, and could therefore do nothing to make trouble. But there was the nagging issue of four finials, drapery rod finials, that I was obligated to deliver to the new owners, but put off because I HAVE A LIFE THAT DOESN'T INCLUDE SHOPPING FOR FRIGGIN' FINIALS. The finials having landed, I feel as if I can talk about the outcome without jinxing the deal. (I loved this room, left.)

We paid for half of the neighbors' driveway, relandscaped our own front yard and forked over thousands of dollars to a lawyer who didn't display nearly the tenacity I expected. I thought we were paying him to save us money; instead, it took seven months for us to agree to extortion, which we could have done quickly and easily without counsel. The whole delay, including mortgage payments we weren't anticipating, cost about $24,000. I could use that right now, or at least my half. (Gigi loved her private yard, left, especially the blueberry bushes.)

Grace is now in her fourth house in as many years, and this lease is up at the end of this month. I'm not sure what will happen after that, which doesn't bode well for our quest for stability and security. This house is cozy and sweet, with great outdoor space, but it costs more than I can afford now that we're living off what's left of the equity from that other place. So the job search continues, but a huge weight has been lifted, for the moment, anyway. Every time I think of being rid of what was supposed to be The Dream Home, and finally having all of my belongings in one place, I giggle a little inside.

One down, three to go.


Girlbert said...

Omigosh, am I ever SOOO happy for you!

And I LOVE that room as well, oh my...

Looking forward to moving up to the San Fran area, but being in the state of flux that we are, I completely get your uncertain excitement. Maybe we should meet in the middle somewhere and be roomies! I'll bring the horse, and you can drive me around!


mama neeniebelle said...

Yay and yahoo! Finally! I loved parts of that house too but that was primarily about what you did with your decorating and mostly I just love the Grace and Laurel that lived there!! XOXO