Jan 22, 2010

Open house.

When we were trying to decide whether or not to have another child, a friend shared some advice she got when she was at the same point in her life. When asked why she wanted another baby, she admitted that she didn't want her son to be an only child. Her advisor suggested that, if that was the only reason, it wasn't a very good one. She told my friend that if she didn't want her son to feel lonely, she should open her house to other kids. Her son would have playmates, and his friends — some who may not be getting everything they need at home — could find a refuge.

I forgot about that until recently, when I realized Grace is at that age where she gets pretty bored at home. I can't play with her all the time, so why not have other kids over? My motives may not have been as altruistic and pure as my friend's were, and I'm fairly certain Grace's playmates all have perfectly happy home lives. But you know what? It's been brilliant. Whether the mom stays for a visit or leaves their child for a sleep over, Grace has fun — and I don't feel guilty for not constantly entertaining her. But most of her friends are boys, so things can get a little rowdy.

Grace and Seamus had never met, but that didn't stop him from taking his pants off. Check out the blurry monkey in the top left corner.

Jack and Grace are old friends, and he was so polite when he was here I was afraid he might be ill. Grace made up for it with some serious sass.

Julian is so chill, Grace couldn't convince him to misbehave no matter how she tried. Note Brady, just waiting for a crumb to hit the floor.

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