Jun 23, 2010

Good Drama vs. Bad Drama

Also file under "Surprises: Good and Bad."

Bad Drama:
- having a family member become seriously ill
- finding a lump
- meaningless sex, no matter how fantastic
- being a single mom and getting sick, with no backup
- legal disputes of any kind
- having someone you care about disappoint you
- writer's block when you least expect it
- watching your child struggle with choices you have made, or anything else, for that matter
- saying goodbye to someone you thought would always be there
- depression

Good Drama:
- girlfriends who will drop everything to listen to your troubles
- that special someone calling a week in advance to say, "Keep Friday night open. We're gonna have fun."
- reconnecting with old friends as if not a day has passed
- realizing that you've just made a really good, intuitive parenting move
- being able to offer help to a friend or family member who really needs it
- getting a dose of perspective when you really need it
- knowing your child will be okay, despite all the dumbass decisions you've made
- someone making a crazy promise, and following through with it
- following your heart and having it work out for a change
- facing your greatest fears and being a better person for it.

Off the top of my head, anyway.

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