Aug 10, 2010


Grace and I joined a few families last week at Kruger's Farm for their weekly concert. Once we pumped enough food (sugar) into the kids, they had a blast. (Until then, they clung to our legs and whined about everything, and nothing.) Most of this happiness occurred in the half hour before the concert ended. Thanks to Rebecca for the pictures.

Grace expounds on the economic crisis, while Ava and Annika wonder if she'll ever stop talking.

The pile up was great fun, and they took turns being on the bottom. They look like sisters, don't they?

Gigi pretending to be a sweet, innocent little angel.


trying to begoode said...

Worth it, isn't it? Kids at a farm, a sunny day - gotta be an amazing feeling at the end of the day.

Abby J said...

God, that kid looks NOTHING like you. Phhft. Genetics.