May 15, 2008

Why wait?

My mom was telling me the other day that if they ever finished weeding, pruning, edging and basically detailing their huge yard, she could finally plant some flowers. Because I'm such a contrary little pisher, I said, "Why not just plant flowers now? Why does everything have to be perfect first?" That bit me in the ass, though, because I realized I do exactly the same thing. I almost never buy fresh-cut flowers unless my house is clean and in order. I like to think I run a pretty tight ship (a contractor once asked me if I'd been in the military), but it's rare for the ENTIRE house to be clean at once. So the other day I decided to live dangerously and indulge in some daisies, even though the house seems to have an endless supply of construction dust flying from every pore. Crazy, right? As far as I can tell, the world hasn't stopped spinning, and my windowsill looks pretty. Dusty, but pretty.

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Joan (aka Gabba) said...

"Why not just plant flowers now?" was great advice! Thanks! Mom